Why Endeavor?

Of, by, and for high-impact entrepreneurs

Learn more about what we do through the lens of Mentors and Endeavor Entrepreneurs who help us build thriving ecosystems worldwide.

10x Entrepreneur. 6 Exits. 2 IPOs. Why Endeavor?

Raj Bhargava is a typical serial entrepreneur. Founder of JumpCloud, a Louisville, CO-based company, Raj has been making remote work more efficient. However, his success with JumpCloud is just one of his many accomplishments. An active investor, author, and 10-time entrepreneur, Raj has extensive experience across the entire founder’s journey. In this video, he explains why he chose Endeavor to support him during his expansion journey to become a global company.

What is the magic of Endeavor?

Do you have a personal board of directors? That’s how Endeavor Entrepreneur Pablo Fernandez Alvarez, Co-founder of Clicars, calls his mentors: a community of supportive and unbiased advisors who help him lead one of the fastest-growing companies in Spain.

Pablo was selected in 2019 and is part of the Endeavor Outliers class of 2022, a cohort of our highest impact founders – top 10% of our portfolio. After recently selling Clicars to the Aramis Group, Pablo is now Executive Chairman of Clikalia, a proptech he co-founded with Alister Moreno, also a part of the Outliers Class 2022.

Why does our circle of trust matter for high-impact entrepreneurs?

We connect founders from Mexico, Turkey, and Kenya, with different backgrounds and business models to share the unique challenges of scaling a company. As Songe LaRon, Endeavor Entrepreneur, CEO & Co-founder of Squire, puts it, they share knowledge that only comes from experience.

Thus, a Nigerian founder’s hiring problem is similar to what an Argentine entrepreneur went through last year. A Turkish serial entrepreneur already tested the expansion thesis of a Bulgarian founder. And a product launched by a Greek scale-up is an inspiration to a Malaysian food tech founder.

The circle of trust allows founders from different countries and industries to share their challenges in open and honest conversations. From Chile to Pakistan, they understand how important this is to scale faster, having a network of trust to support them.

Why put in the time to become an Endeavor Entrepreneur?

3,000+ candidates receive an initial review by Endeavor staff every year, and fewer than 100 companies are selected.

Through this rigorous process, we select Endeavor Entrepreneurs like Vu Van, founder & CEO of ELSA, and Songe LaRon, CEO & Co-founder of Squire, by searching the globe, identifying founders with the greatest growth potential, and inviting them to participate in our renowned international selection process.

During the process, the candidates meet mentors, investors, and Endeavor Entrepreneurs to support them with their scale-up challenges: from Access to Capital to Hiring for Scale.

Why do our Mentors volunteer their time to support other founders?

To support Endeavor Entrepreneurs during their scaling-up journey, Mentors like Chris Misner, Advisor of Roblox, donate their time and expertise. In reality, a mentoring session can save years of mistakes, a piece of advice can enhance a dream, and a mentor can change the course of a business.

In other words, our unrivaled global network of mentors and partners helps Endeavor Entrepreneurs tackle roadblocks to growth and inspires them to think bigger.